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How To Decorate Bedroom Walls (Top DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas)

Posted on 30 May 2019

custom soundwave art

First thing’s first: how much space do you have on your bedroom walls to allow for wall art? If you’re unsure how to decorate bedroom walls, what matters most is the appropriate sizing of wall art. Second most important is the contents of the wall art: the bedroom is where you spend your relaxing moments, and so, you want your wall art to reflect that. For limited bedroom wall space, consider smaller wall art in sets of 2 or 3, or a narrow panoramic artwork.

If you’re unsure how to decorate bedroom walls, consider the fact that most wall art is used to express your personality, as well as to tie the room together.

Thus, a large abstract painting over the bed with two smaller, complimentary images over the side tables works beautifully. Additionally, consider wall art that speaks to your relationship with your spouse: the bedroom is the best room in the house to celebrate your relationship and to cultivate artwork that addresses your unique bond.

Keep reading to learn all about how to decorate bedroom walls + DIY bedroom decor ideas!

(For more information on choosing wall decor by room, check out our Complete Guide: Choosing Wall Decor By Room (6 Most Important Rooms In Your Home!))


Top 3 Things To Consider:

How To Decorate Bedroom Walls

how to decorate bedroom walls

When you’re trying to figure out how to decorate bedroom walls, it is important to consider the arrangement of wall art on your bedrooms walls, the space on walls and the content of the wall art.

Consider these 3 things:

1. Arrangement of wall art 

The arrangement of wall art in your bedroom can contribute to the feeling of overcrowdedness or of calmness, just depending. Consider a bedroom with hardly any space between items of wall art to see the wall behind: bedroom wall decor such as this can make any room feel small and cramped. There are 2 important tips that can help you avoid this mistake.

  • Before you make dents or holes in the walls, think through your arrangement by laying out your bedroom wall art. For instance, from newspapers or scratch paper, cut out the shapes of each of your wall art pieces and tape them to the wall in the place you want to put them.
  • When you display a collection of bedroom wall art, it is important to be precise in your alignment. When your arrangement is within a square or rectangular shape, your overall bedroom wall decor will appear orderly.

  • 2. Space on walls

    The amount of space on your bedroom walls is one of the biggest limiting factors of the types of wall art you can hang, as well as its arrangement or configuration. Large bedroom walls make great spaces for a bedroom accent wall, while small bedroom walls allow you to highlight only what is of the highest importance.

    3. Content of the wall art

    If you’re stuck on how to decorate bedroom walls, consider the content of the wall art you wish to hang. Some items of wall art are best suited to different locations in the house. For instance, motivational wall decals make most sense in a home office, while family photos are commonly displayed in common areas, like the living or family rooms. For your bedroom wall decor, don’t be afraid to get a little more personal in this space than you would in other areas of the house: display a soundwave of your favorite song or a custom star map of your story with your spouse.

    5 Best Bedroom Wall Colors

    bedroom wall colors

    Need some bedroom wall decor ideas?

    Start with the bedroom wall colors!

    Bedroom wall colors can really make all the difference in this intimate space. More than just about any other feature of your bedroom, the bedroom wall colors really make a huge impact on the look and feel of your space. For instance, if your bedroom is relatively small, a dark and heavily saturated bedroom wall color will make your small bedroom appear smaller. Large bedrooms can tolerate a wider range of colors than a smaller bedroom.

    So, what’s the best color for bedroom walls?

    Uncertain how to paint a bedroom wall?

    Don’t worry —

    We’ve got you covered.

    The best color for bedroom walls varies depending on the size of the bedroom and, of course, the preferences of the individual inhabiting the room. If you’re looking to paint your bedroom wall, there are a couple great options for paint that can help to make any bedroom appear larger and feel more intimate in the best way possible. We’ve searched the web and located the top 5 best colors for bedroom walls to help you know how to decorate bedroom walls.

    Here are the top 5 best color for bedroom walls:

    1. Pale Color Palette

    pale color palette

    In general, a pale color palette for your bedroom walls makes the most sense for just about any bedroom. Not only does a pale color palette make any room appear larger, but it also serves to create a sense of serenity and peace.

    2. Pale Blue

    pale blue

    Need help knowing how to decorate bedroom walls or knowing how to paint a bedroom wall? Pale blue is one of the all-time most popular bedroom wall colors for boy, girl, married couple or free-spirited adult. It creates a sense of serenity and cultivates an environment of relaxation. With pale blue on your bedroom walls, you know this is your haven.

    3. Eggplant Purple

    eggplant purple

    Eggplant purple creates a deep sense of luxury. Rich and saturated, eggplant purple is not for every bedroom: small bedrooms can feel significantly smaller with this deep and intense color. However, for the medium-sized to large master bedroom, eggplant purple creates a sense of great comfort and extravagant living you can’t find with just any bedroom wall color.

    4. Pale Green

    pale green

    Pale green creates a versatile color palette for your bedroom. Green hues can be neutral while simultaneously encouraging that nostalgic summer camp vibe. Whether you’re looking for how to paint kids’ rooms or how to paint a bedroom wall for grown-ups, pale green is the perfect blend of drama and softness for your bedroom walls.

    5. Cream


    Cream is one of the all-time best bedroom wall colors. Cream bedroom walls create a sense of luxury, elegance and class that just doesn’t compare to other bedroom wall colors. No matter what interior design style you’re going for — traditional, transitional, coastal, contemporary, French country, Mediterranean, shabby chic, minimalist or mid-century modern — cream bedroom walls will compliment just about any style and collection of bedroom wall art you choose to display.

    Top 12 Tried-and-True Options:

    What To Hang Above Bed

    what to hang above bed

    Now that you’ve got your bedroom wall colors all sorted out, you’re relieved, but only slightly.

    Why is that?

    Because you have a HUGE blank, empty space above your bed and you have no idea what to put there!! If you’re not sure what to hang above bed, don’t worry!! There are a few tried-and-true options that will undoubtedly transform your bedroom walls into a work of art you will be sure to love.

    Check out these 12 options for what to hang above bed:

    1. Mirrors


    Mirrors make any space feel larger, add light and double the visual impact in a room. To create a space that feels wide open, consider leaning a large mirror up against a wall! DIY bedroom decor doesn’t have to be a pain — just find a mirror that suits your style and you’re good to go!


    2. Black and white photographs

    black and white photographs

    Hmmm, how to decorate a wall with pictures?? Black and white photographs are classy and tell a story like no other form of bedroom wall art can. Whether it’s a location or a person, black and white photographs spruce up any space, adding class and sophistication to your bedroom design.


    3. Large artwork

    large artwork

    A single piece of artwork can do the trick and be just what you’re looking for! Not sure what to hang above bed? DIY bedroom decor such as large artworks often displays the personalities of the homeowner, as we tend to purchase art with our hearts.


    4. Canopy or cornice

    bedroom canopy

    Bedroom canopies or cornices really make a statement. Is your guest bedroom super boring and you need some bedroom wall decor ideas to spruce up the space? Consider a canopy or cornice for your DIY bedroom decor projects!


    5. Salvaged goods

    salvaged goods

    Salvaged goods make an excellent DIY bedroom decor project. This option is great because it not only saves you some money, but it also contributes to creating a super unique bedroom interior design style.


    6. Wall art sculpture

    wall sculpture

    Wall art sculptures make a statement, that’s for sure. Adding dimension and intrigue to any bedroom, wall art sculptures stand out from the rest of your bedroom wall art — literally!


    7. Wallpaper or wall art decal

    bedroom wallpaper

    There is no better option for DIY bedroom decor than wallpaper or wall art decals. The great thing about this option is that you can find wallpaper or wall art decals for just about any room in your house and for a reasonable price.


    8. Curtains

    bed curtains

    Similar to a bed canopy, bed curtains allow you to really make your bed the focal point of the room. Make your bed stand out with curtains that frame your favorite spot in the world.


    9. Personalized canvas print

    personalized canvas print

    Personalized canvas prints are an excellent option for what to hang above bed, and even DIY bedroom decor projects! However, if you’re looking to really commemorate a special moment, event or person, let us handle it here at Canvas Vows.


    10. Cool lights

    cool lights

    A unique lighting system can jazz up any bedroom. Whether you’re looking to design a bedroom accent wall or need an idea for a DIY bedroom decor project, cool lights are the way to go.


    11. Plants

    bedroom plants

    Plants are crucial for your bedroom for 2 main reasons: they help to liven up any space and they can purify your air. If you need an idea of what to hang above bed, go for potted plants! They’ll make your space feel fresh and alive.


    12. Absolutely nothing

    absolutely nothing

    Sometimes, you don’t need a single thing above your bed. While we can feel like it’s too bare, fight the urge to fill your bedroom walls with bedroom wall decor that just doesn’t make sense. If you’re totally at a loss for what to hang above bed and just can’t scrounge up any meaningful DIY bedroom decor ideas, then don’t force it: sometimes, the best statement you could make is with the absence of excess.

    Accent Wall Ideas Bedroom

    accent wall ideas bedroom

    1. Wood Wall Bedroom

    wood accent wall bedroom ideas

    Wood Accent Wall Bedroom Ideas

    There is nothing quite like a wood wall bedroom. If you’re looking for how to do an accent wall bedroom or bedroom wall decor ideas, one of the most popular options these days is to go for a wood accent wall! This type of bedroom feature wall really makes your room stand out, gives the eye something to focus on, and centers the room by utilizing a feature from nature. When you incorporate wood elements into your bedroom accent wall, you are utilizing feng shui properties to create an aesthetically-pleasing environment.

    2. Bedroom Feature Wall

    bedroom feature wall

    What to include in your bedroom feature wall?

    Not sure what to include in your bedroom feature wall? If you’re still not certain what to put on bedroom walls, consider utilizing family photos, custom canvas prints or unique art prints that jump out to you.

    Which wall should be the accent wall in a bedroom??, you wonder.

    Your bedroom accent wall should be relatively large and should have enough space so that the arrangement of your wall art and the spacing on your wall does not interfere with the kinds of wall art you can display. Not sure how to decorate a wall with pictures?

    Check out the above image — you can’t go wrong with a beautiful string of lights and family photos!


    Check Out Our Bedroom Wall Decor!

    Now that you’ve got your bedroom wall colors figured out and you know what to hang above bed, you’re itching to get your bedroom wall decor all sorted out. Whether you’re going for a bedroom accent wall or you just want 1 gorgeous item of bedroom wall art to hang in your bedroom, there are a variety of bedroom canvas prints for you to choose from!

    Check out our bedroom wall decor and custom canvas prints for your bedroom!

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