Framed Canvas Prints (& How To Frame A Canvas Print)

Posted on 20 June 2019

framed canvas prints

For some, purchasing a canvas print is only the first step. While canvas prints are commonly hung up without frames, some still love the look of a frame surrounding the canvas print. Framed canvas prints really make the artwork stand out, showcasing all of your precious and prized moments! In addition to making your pictures stand out from the rest, frames also serve to protect your canvas prints. For all the types of framed canvas prints, canvas print framing options and how to frame a canvas print, keep reading!!

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Canvas Print Framing Options

First things first: before you can begin framing your canvas print, you have to settle on framing options. There are three pretty popular canvas print framing options that make your canvases really pop. The following three canvas print framing options are not necessarily mutually exclusive, though, oftentimes, they are sought after individually. For instance, wooden frames for canvas prints can also be a canvas floater frame or traditional frames for canvas prints (i.e. traditional frames and floater frames can both be made out of wood). However, a canvas floater frame is distinct in style from traditional frames for canvas prints. Not sure how to frame a canvas print? Check out these canvas print framing options first! To learn more about the three canvas print framing options, keep reading!


#1 Wooden Frames for Canvas Prints

wooden frames for canvas prints

Wooden frames for canvas prints are highly sought after, more so than other frame materials. While metal frames for canvas prints are another option, wooden frames for canvas prints tend to pair best with a canvas print.


#2 Canvas Floater Frame

canvas floater frame

Canvas floater frames are extremely popular these days. A canvas floater frame gives your canvas a polished, gallery-like look and feel. For canvases with unfinished edges or an image that is aligned with the edge, canvas floater frames help to hide those unfinished edges. Additionally, a canvas floater frame helps the canvas to appear as though it is floating within the frame without touching it. Floater frames for canvas prints are an inexpensive option to purchase and a relatively easy DIY project, should you choose to make one yourself. For a polished, clean look, you can’t beat the look of a canvas floater frame!


#3 Traditional Frames for Canvas Prints

traditional frames for canvas prints

Traditional frames for canvas prints (also known as recessed frames) give your canvas prints a more substantial and solid frame, as well as a traditional look and feel. This is the frame style that most likely comes to mind when you think of a picture frame. With traditional frames for canvas prints, the canvas will sit behind the frame on a rabbet. A very small portion of the edges are hidden behind the lip of the frame. When deciding on canvas print framing options, this is something you might want to keep in mind: does it matter if a small portion is covered around the edges, or do you want as much of the canvas print showing as possible? (**If you want as much showing as possible, opt for a canvas floater frame, discussed above!)

DIY Project: How To Frame A Canvas Print

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to frame a canvas print. Whether you’re looking to display a piece of art that you painted on canvas or a canvas print you ordered from us, knowing how to frame a canvas print makes for a great DIY project! Now that you’ve purchased one of the above canvas print framing options, you’re ready to display it on your wall.  

If you’re not sure how to frame a canvas print, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!!

how to frame a canvas print


You Will Need:

Step 1: Buy a Frame

buy a frame

While this seems like an easy step, there’s actually quite a lot that goes into it. For instance, consider these items:

  • Measure the canvas & make sure you know the dimensions you’d need for a frame
  • Decide on a frame style that compliments the canvas print
  • Surf the web to find a store that would have a frame in the size and style you want
  • Purchase canvas clips

Step 2: Frame the Canvas

frame the canvas

  • Insert canvas into frame
  • Attach canvas clips
  • Turn your framed canvas prints over and check stability

Step 3: Attach a Wire Hanger

attach a wire hanger

  • Lay canvas face down
  • Mark where hanger screw will go
  • Attach hanger screws
  • Cut hanger wire
  • Attach wire

Step 4: Attach a Dust Jacket

attach a dust jacket

  • Cut kraft paper the same dimensions as your canvas print
  • Apply double-sided tape to the back of the frame
  • Attach kraft paper in place

Step 5: Hang your Framed Canvas Prints

hang your canvas print

  • Find a spot on your wall to hang your framed canvas prints
  • For larger framed canvas prints, find a wall stud
  • Hammer a nail into the wall
  • Hang the hanger wire over the nail
  • Voilà!

And there you go!

Everything you need to know about framed canvas prints and how to frame a canvas print!

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